New Music Video Producer

Artist, musician, and founder of score follower, Dan Tramte (b. 1985) produces new music videos for web consumption. 1,200+ composers send him approximately 1,500+ music compositions annually to be included in a public archive of score videos viewed millions of times (~100k/mo), and receiving around ten million impressions per year. “One of the most valuable new music resources on the net, indeed anywhere,” according to musicologist Tim Rutherford-Johnson, Tramte’s score follower project has expanded into a suite of web applications funded by individual and institutional subscribers, including Stanford University, Harvard University, and the University of California, San Diego.

Likewise, Tramte’s own music is made for internet audiences. It’s meme-like. It’s like scrolling through a social media feed. It’s game-like, like Just Dance! and Guitar Hero. In fact, he specializes in webifying contemporary music otherwise meant for stuffy concert halls. He transformed electronic music artist, Halcyon, into a lofi anime girl to study/chill to. He once caused a new music concert hashtag to trend on, and this wasn’t even his first viral moment on Vine.

Tramte currently teaches Music Technology at SUNY Geneseo, having previously taught courses such as creative coding, web-audio programming, game music, physics of sound, and music composition at universities including Virginia Tech, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and Harvard University. He earned his PhD in computer music media from the University of North Texas.